Drop the Rock

Removing Character Defects. Focusing on Steps Six and Seven. Drop the Rock shows readers how to confront their character defects and let go of self-defeating behaviors (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $14.95


Gift of Sobriety

When the promises of recovery comes true. This answers this central question; “What is on the other side of the struggle to be free of the addition to alcohol or other drugs? It turns to those who have achieved freedom from addiction and it them shows exactly how they enjoy the gifts of their long-term sobriety. (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $14.95


The language of letting go

By Melody Beattie, Reflection on the core issues of codependency. Melody encourages readers to trust themselves on their journey to self-care. Each meditation is filled with the personal warmth and insight Bettie brings to all of her books.  (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $14.95


More Language of letting go

366 New Daily mediations by Beattie. Offering hop and inspiration, tempered with the clear-eyed perspective of one who has been there and back. Beattie’s words empower readers to affirm who they are. (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $17.95

Came to Believe

Over 75 AA members worldwide describe their personal understanding of the AA phase “God as we understood Him” Especially helpful to those who confuse spirituality with religion Soft cover 121 pp. (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $4.25

Daily Refection

This collection of 366 inspirational messages focuses on living sober through the fellowship of AA Soft cover 400 pp (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $ 9.95

Fearless Relationships

Offers insight about what helps and what hinders relationships. Soft Cover 152 pp  (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $14.95

The Promises of a New Day

Drawn from different cultures and eras, these readings will help you find the promise in today Soft cover 416

Keepers of the Wisdom

Interviews with older recovering adults explore issues specific to a retiring generation. Soft cover (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $17.95

Sobriety and Beyond

Tracing the spiritual threads of AA from the perspective of an alcoholic priest, this book explores how AA principles can be used to develop mental peace and spiritual contentment Hardcover 388 pp. (ship wt. 2-1/2 lb.) $21.00

Sober but Stuck

The personal experiences of these sober but stuck alcoholics will pump new life into your program and get your sobriety on course again. Soft cover 228 pp (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $17.95

Twelve Step Sponsorship

Reading assignments, procedural suggestions, and guidelines help sponsors, reach out to new members Soft cover 400 pp (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $14.95

Staying Sober

Day-by Day and moment to moment techniques plus program slogans and humor provide newcomers with fresh wisdom for maintaining sobriety Soft cover 194 pp (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $17.95

The Twelve Steps for Everyone

Comprehensive resource explores each of the Steps, how they aid recovery, and the spiritual and emotional health that results from them Soft cover 128 pp (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $13.95

Day by Day (meditation book)

Written in concrete, contemporary language, this best selling book speaks to a broad range of recovering people Soft cover  384 pp (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $14.95

Keep it Simple

These meditations stress the importance of putting into practice new beliefs, slogans and fellowship Soft cover 400 pp (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $14.95

God Grant Me

Speaks to both beginners and old timers in recovery,. Readers will draw inspiration and summon strength to handle daily struggles such as learning to live with greater honesty, companion, humor gratitude, or awe. Soft cover 400 pp (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $14.95

A Day at a Time

Filled with daily meditations, this invaluable Twelve Step resource provides the inspiration and hope needed to continue along the road to recovery Soft cover 370 pp (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $14.95

Twenty Four Hour a Day

The first meditation book for alcoholics, now viewed as a basic building block for a life of sobriety. Contains a thought, meditation, and prayer for each day of the year Soft cover 400 pp (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $15.95 Hard Cover $15.95

Today I will do one thing

daily resource for dual disorders programs that help to increased client awareness and assess treatment effectiveness. Soft cover 400 pp (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $14.95

Body, Mind, and Spirit

Self esteem, fear, anger the multitude of issues recovering people face during the treatment process and beyond are expressed in daily meditations. Soft cover 400 pp (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $14.95

Night Light

Thoughtful meditations and quotations for the end of the day address balance, self esteem, relationships, independence and other topics Soft cover 400 pp (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $14.95

The Twelve Step Prayer Book

Words of wisdom are gleaned from Twelve Step meetings and adapted from common prayers and devotional readings 44 new prayers Soft cover 150 pp (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $11.95

In God's Care

These 366 meditations are written for those who seeking to deepen their conscious contact with their Higher Power Soft cover 400 pp (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $14.95

Get your Loved one Sober

This clear and engaging book outlines a proven effective intervention model that, when compared to other intervention techniques, resulted in two and three times the number of substance users willingly engaging in treatment Soft cover 240pp (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $14.95

Fearless Relationships

Learning the secrets of a fulfilling relationship can be challenging especially for clients in recovery. Easy to read account of basic relationship issues and how to navigate them. Soft cover 146 pp (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $14.95

52 weeks of esteem able Acts

You can’t think your way into right living. It takes right action to get there. This living test will help you learn to take action that stimulate healthy self esteem, develop new attitudes, and tune into your powers of focus and self discipline.  Soft cover 288pp (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $14.95

Each Day a New Beginning

All women interested in personal development and self discovery will find understanding, affirmation, and wise counsel here. Soft cover 400 pp (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $14.95

Wisdom to Know

Daily passages underscore the lesions of intimacy integrity and spirituality providing men with an inspiring and accessible source of healing, support and encouragement Soft cover 400 pp (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $13.95


Readers will find a year’s worth of daily support and guidance. Exploring men’s roles as lovers or spouse, father and friend, each reading includes a meditation and a closing thought. Soft cover 400 pp (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $15.95

Pocket Sponsor

Hourly reading that keep you in touch with the program  (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $11.95

A New Pair of Glasses (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $8.95

Little Red Book (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $13.95

Little Red Book for Women (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $18.95

Practice the Principles by Pittman, B. (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $16.95

Program for You by Barnes, C. (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $19.95

Seven Key Principles by P., Bill  (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $21.95

Playing it by Heart by Beatti, M.. (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $24.95

12 Stupid things that mess up Recovery by Berger A. (ship wt. 1-1/2 lb.) $20.95



The Big Book Dictionary $ 7.00


Acceptance Pamphlet The way to Serenity and Peace of mind $1.25

Lap Pins $ 4.35 each

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