Sweet Clover Honey

Clover is the most popular of all the honeys. Clover honey varies in color from Water whites to extra light amber and has a mild sweet, delicate flavor.

Wildflower Blossom Honey

A darker more robust flavor comes from the aster and goldenrod flowers in the Fall. Great for cooking.

All these honey come is containers listed below, when

Ordering please list what kind you would like.



                      12 oz. Mama Bear (ship. Wt. 2 lb.)             Price: $  6.50

                      1 lb. Honey Jar (ship. Wt. 3 lb.)                 Price: $  8.55 

                      2 lb. Honey Jar (ship. Wt. 4 lb.)                 Price: $ 18.50          

                      3 lb. Honey Jug (ship. Wt. 5 lb.)                Price: $ 18.25          

                      5 lb. Honey Jug (ship. Wt. 7 lb.)                Price: $ 28.25          


 Comb Honey 10oz. Box (ship. Wt.1 ˝ lb.) Only clover       Price: $20.95

 This is a unique type of honey once enjoyed by our grandparents that is now being Rediscovered! It is honey that remains in the wax combs, just as the bees have stored It. Comb honey tastes great, wax and all. Since the bees have sealed it in wax, the Honey keeps its entire original flavor.


Cherry Honey Mustard (ship. Wt.3 lb.)                               Price:  $  7.95

Vanilla Nut Creme (ship. Wt.2 lb.)                                        Price:  $  9.95

Raspberry Creme (ship. Wt.2lb.)                                          Price:  $  9.95



These Dips are great, just cover cream cheese with them and spread on your favorite cracker. Out of this world GOOOOD!



The way pancakes were meant to taste. Pure Wisconsin Maple Syrup is 100%

natural. It is made from the sap of maple trees early in the spring. The family

collects the sap in buckets and boil it down using a traditional wood fire.

Maple Syrup is excellent on pancakes, waffles, toast, vanilla ice cream, etc.

We are proud of the quality of my syrup and hope you will enjoy eating it as

much as I enjoy making it. 


Maple Syrup half pint (ship. Wt.˝ lb.)                     Price:  $  8.95

Maple Syrup 3/4 pint (ship. Wt. 1 ˝ lb.)                 Price:  $ 11.95

Maple Syrup pint (ship. Wt. 1 ˝ lb.)                          Price:  $ 14.95

Maple Syrup Quart (ship. Wt.3 lb.)                            Price:  $ 26.95

Maple Barbeque (ship. Wt.3 lb.)                                Price:  $  9.95

Maple Mustard (ship. Wt.2 lb.)                                    Price:  $  7.95

100% Pure Wisconsin Honey

Picked Baby Beets pt.                    Price:  $ 7.95

(ship. Wt. 1/4 lb.)

Mushroom Garlic pt.                         Price:  $ 7.95

(ship. Wt. 1/4 lb.)

Sweet Picked Garlic pt.                  Price:  $ 7.95

(ship. Wt. 1/4 lb.)

Cherry Honey Dip       pt.                 Price:  $ 7.95

(ship. Wt. 1/4 lb.)

Maple Barbue pt.                               Price:  $ 7.95

(ship. Wt. 1/4 lb.)

Raspberry Jalapeno Jam pt.        Price:  $ 6.95

(ship. Wt. 1/4 lb.)

Seedless Rasberry Jam pt.          Price:  $ 6.95

(ship. Wt. 1/4 lb.)

Dilly Bean pt.                                       Price:  $ 8.95

(ship. Wt. 1/4 lb.)

Hot Asparugus                       pt.     Price:  $ 11.95

(ship. Wt. 1/4 lb.)








We are a Family Owned Business

Pure Maple Syrup