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Honey is a strong anti-inflammatory agent that prevents infections and reduces the existing ones when applied on problem or sensitive skin type. When it comes to skin care, especially facial care, benefits of honey are multiple.

We are a Family Owned Business

We take Pride in selling our own honey. So we are able to tell you how we process my honey. “From the beehive to the bottle with the least amount of handling”  No Additives No Imports just the real stuff.

We have flavored honey candies and taffy ,  made with honey. Lots of wonderful things made for the honey lover.

We use the Beeswax from our own bees. We also create our own candles. We do not add paraffin to stretch the product.

The by product we get from the beehive plus a lot more. Pollen, propolis, royal jelly, soap, lip balm, ear candles and crèmes. Homemade Grandma Linda's beauty products

You can create your own gift basket or pick from the ones that are already here.

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Honey & Teas

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Honey Sticks each has only 20 calories. Try them in coffee, tea and on cereal, toast, muffins, rice cakes or ice cream.

Honey Sticks

Medallions, Books, Book Covers, Jewelry, bookmarkers and cards

AA Medallions & More

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