Beehives at the apple orchards 2005

Just one of many condos where our bees live. 2005

Dominic inside the store looking at rocks

Jacob Carden helping out with the bees at age 5

Our grandkids like to join in at times.

In fall it  get sticky when we start extracting. 2005

Checking the girls out.

We do extracted the honey by hand 2006

Scrapping frames

Braking up the beeswax

We do have a little FUN!!!

We do almost everything by hand. 2005

Loading 800 hive to go to the Almond orchards in Cal. We had two semi loads. 2006

Jacob at 3 years old helping out in the yard.

Such a happy beekeeper,

Caught a 16” Bass at Lake Small.

Stacking it in the Honey house 2008

Extracting the Honey 2008

Labeling the Honey Bears 2007

Bringing down the barrels from the honey house 2007

We are a Family Owned Business