What we do
We take pride in the honey we sell. Bringing you the honey in its original form.

Our business history
Husband and Wife owned business since 1975.

Our honey is in the Chicago land area. In 1991 we decided to buy a place in Richmond, IL.

About Us
It was only a dream, but today the business has grown. More people are realizing the quality of PURE HONEY. As we have retired to a quaint little place in Richmond. So we can continue to pass on the information we have acquired. Come see the bees!!!!


Do stop in and see the bees in the observation hive. See what they are doing at home.

We are a Family Owned Business

We make our candles with our own 100% Pure Beeswax from our Bees.

Please stop in and explore the Wonderful

World of Honey.
















We invite you to enter our special world of honey and let one of nature’s finest foods sweetens your day. For the best price we do offer BULK pricing if you bring your own container to our hive in Richmond On Rt 12.(Honey and Bee Pollen).


At My Honey Co. we take pride in the honey we sell. We promise you the Best quality honey possible. It is natural, completely raw, and unpasteurized.


We opened the store in 1991, we decided to retire in Richmond, a location were we could meet the people that use my honey. So we can let them know more about this wonderful product. We have had to down size due to age and we will now have to buy good quality honey from the people we have sold are hives to. Don’t fret will still only sell quality honey as long as our label is on it. We would be happy to mail any My Honey Co. product. 



Contact us at: lindasamorez@yahoo.com

We have not gone out of business, or changed our Label, we have stopped selling in the stores in Chicago Area. We only sell from the store location. Gives us a chance to visit with the customers that have chosen My Honey for the sweetener.

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We feel that the only true raw honey comes directly from the hive in the form of comb honey. Any honey you see in a jar has been processed in some way. Honey does not have to have bits of wax and various particles floating in it to be healthy for you. All of our honey is produced in the United States. The honey is warmed to a low temperature 120 degrees, strained threw a ladies stocking and packed into containers. That’s it! They add nothing to the honey, nor do they take anything away from it. Our honey is not  pasteurized! All the nutrients are still in every jar of My Honey. Some sellers of honey print raw honey on the label just to sell their product and we feel that that is  misleading the consumer. If you are looking for quality honey and bee products,  produced and packaged by a company with high standards of handling and packaging,  you have picked the right company - My Honey Co.

Thank You for trying  my honey